2012 Lavazza Calendar

The Lavazzers is the name of the twentieth edition of the Lavazza Calendar, which in celebration of such an important event reunites 12 of the masters of photography that helped to make the Lavazza Calendar such a success over the years:

Erwin Olaf, Thierry Le Gouès, Miles Aldridge, Marino Parisotto, Eugenio Recuenco, Elliott Erwitt, Finlay MacKay, Mark Seliger, Annie Leibovitz, Albert Watson, David LaChapelle, Ellen von Unwerth.

They put themselves enthusiastically into play, celebrating their most intimate relationships with the Lavazza coffee through self-portraits. The 12 photographers, just like any closely knit team, were led by the Armando Testa agency, which was in charge of producing also this edition of the Lavazza Calendar. The photographers interpreted themselves in innovative, unusual and imaginative shots.

Check it out HERE!

Lisbon and the Tagus river

Last day we decided to go for a walk  in Lisbon with the camera and backpack. It was a rainy day, with clouds in the sky and, from time to time, they would open and let us have a glimpse of the sun.

Here´s what we got from that walk, hope you like it!

Ph.: Filipe Serralheiro

Ph.: Filipe Serralheiro

You can find more pictures, from other places HERE!


Make Up Forever new academy

There’s a new Make Up Forever academy in Lisbon, Portugal. The basic course will have 74 hours (12 per week) and will cost  600€, wich include a professional brushes kit and accessories (worth 125€). The training goes from fashion make up to body painting and special characterization for television. The inscriptions will be limited to 10 attendees per course.

The new make up school is set at “Expansão York” building, in the  António Augusto de Aguiar Avenue, where they held the inaugural reception.

FS | imaging was at the opening and brought a full report on the event. Check it out HERE!


BMX Series by Eastpak 2011

It was just last weekend the third stage of the BMX Series by Eastpak – 2011 at the FESTIVAL BIKE Fair in Santarém, Portugal.

Featuring Riders from PortugalSpain and England, the event was full of great jumps and stunning manouvres.

They presented us with tricks like tail-whips and double whips, frontflips, tuck no-handers, etc.

Hélio Sequeira, aged 36 years did a Canadian nose-pick on the quarter-pipe guard way over 10ft from the ground. Ruben António, Pedro Seca, Tony Carneiro, Diogo Santos and the winner Jack Marchant from UK, did amazing runs too.

See the all the images from the event HERE!


New fashion & design magazine

Since last month we’ve had a brand new fashion and design dedicated magazine, BLESS magazine.

Photography by Filipe Serralheiro // Styling by Luis Martins // Production Assistant, Catarina Jacquet // Models, Marco Dagge and David Dagge // Thank you, Photographicas and Espaco-B

Based in Portugal but aiming worlwide this new project features all the late news from the fashion industriy, as well as editorials and photoshoots from professionals around the globe, exclusive for BLESS.

Filipe Serralheiro shot one of the first fashion editorials for the project, featuring a couple of twins premiere in the fashion industry. This one was shot in his super-small apartment, using only two Canon  Speedlite ( 430EX II and 580EX II ) and one small Photoflex umbrella.

Check it out here! 

The “indignados” manifest, as lived in Lisbon!

This post regards a recent event (but not so recent that can be considered news), the manifest that took place in many cities around the world on the past 15th October.

This  video depicts the moments lived in the manifest in Lisbon, Portugal,  that day.

The Portuguese people, being a complacent and peaceful people, would hardly engage in riots and destruction, we have all the proof of that looking backwards to all the manifest done since the revolution of the 25th of April 1974.

And even that revolution, a military one, was mainly peaceful and got known by the name “Revolução dos cravos” ( Carnation‘s Revolution) because the soldiers used the flowers in they’re guns and tanks instead of bullets, ( they displayed them on the gun’s barrels, not actually shooting them 😛 )

That’s why this last manifest was important. No, there was no violence or riots or such. But the tensions got exceptionally high, regarding the Portuguese people, and somewhere along the way the manifesting people broke the police line and invaded the Parliament’s stairs. In fact, the police had to call the Riot control squad, wich is not ver usual. (Please notice how nice, shiny and new they’re equipment is on the photos).

Hope you like the photo report, shot by Filipe Serralheiro for FS | imaging.   –   Here!


First Blog post

FS | imaging - Logo

Being  FS | imaging’s first post i really have nothing to say except Welcome and Thank You.

This is to be a Blog about imaging in generall, with a strong atention to Photography, Arts, Fashion and Design.

It features FS | imaging’s work as well as the latest news about the imaging industry worldwide.