GUMELO mushrooms

This time I wanted to talk about something i find to be very interesting.

A couple of months ago i got to do a photo shoot for a new company, Gumelo. Created by three young entrepreneurs who developed a really curious product. It’s called EcoGumelo and it represents a fun new way of actually bring something to life and watch it grow, in this case it’s mushrooms I’m talking about, Gourmet Mushrooms.

The way it works is simple, you get a package, open it and just spray it twice a day with clean water. Then you just watch it grow, and it grows so fast you can almost see it get bigger by the minute. It’s almost scary! ūüėČ

They were kind enough to give me a couple of packages to try it for myself, and after they grew and I cooked them, they were delicious!

The photo shoot itself was one of the must fun ones for me, shooting three young people, full of ideas and in a casual environment, with a couple of beers from time to time. ūüôā

Here you can see some select photos:

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Please spare some time to get to know what Gumelo is all about in their official website HERE!


The Designers Republic

Because imaging is not just about photography, and due to my graphic design background, I wanted to leave here a brief intro, as well as homage to one of my favorite graphic design companies and the one that influenced most of my visual taste. The Designers Republic, from UK.

I first had contact with their work in 1995, i was still 12 or 13, when the first WipeOut, for Playstation one, got out. Never before I’ve seen such attention to detail, at so many levels, put into a video game. The visual appeal of the game was impressive, and everything was studied, including all the teams logos, outdoors publicity in-game, the mind-blowing soundtrack, etc. In fact, it was the first ever video game to feature in-game adds from major companies such as Red Bull, and a soundtrack with names such as The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, The Future Sound of London, Leftfield, etc

Back then of course i didn’t even know what graphic design was, and only almost 10 years later i came to learn about The Designers Republic’s part on that and others projects, when i was taking my degree in Communications Design at UALG College, in Faro, Portugal.

Their work was of great influence to me, especially the minimalistic, raw , subversive aspect of their designs.

“The Designers Republic¬†(tDR¬†for short) was a¬†graphic design¬†studio, founded on 14 July 1986¬†¬†by Ian Anderson, and based in¬†Sheffield,¬†England. It was known for its¬†anti-establishment¬†aesthetics, while simultaneously embracing brash¬†consumerism¬†and the uniform style of corporate¬†brands, such as¬†Orange¬†andCoca-Cola. The studio closed in January 2009, though Anderson has stated that “[The Designers Republic] will go forward after this”.¬†Despite this,¬†Warp Records¬†announced in 2010 that the studio had designed¬†Oversteps¬†and¬†Move of Ten,¬†Autechre‘s tenth album and EP respectively, as well as designing their 1991‚Äď2002 EP

The work of tDR had great influence on the development of¬†graphic design, especially in the fields of¬†web¬†and¬†cover¬†design in the¬†electronica¬†scene.¬†The Designers Republic’s works are often playful and bright, and considered¬†Maximumminimalist, mixing images from Japanese¬†anime¬†and¬†subvertised¬†corporate logos, with a¬†postmodern¬†tendency towards controversial¬†irony, featuring statements like¬†“Work Buy Consume Die”,¬†“Robots Build Robots”,¬†“Customized Terror”,¬†“Buy nothing, pay now”, and¬†“Made In The Designers Republic”. They also celebrated their northern roots with phrases like¬†“Made¬†in the Designers Republic, North of Nowhere”¬†and¬†“SoYo”¬†(referring to¬†Sheffield‘s county of¬†South Yorkshire) ‚ÄĒ affirming they were not from¬†London‘s design community in Soho.” – Wikipedia

Hope you like their work has much as i do. Check out The Designers Republic at

Good News!

After being featured by¬†Profoto¬†and in the italian¬†Vogue¬†website the fashion editorial¬†“Show me the night”, shot for¬†BLESS¬†magazine, was once again awarded with a new feature in an international fashion website, based in New York.¬†This time it was¬†¬†fashionserved¬†that presented us with a feature on their website.¬†Oscar Ramos Orozco, Fashion Served‘s editor, wrote the following e-mail:

“Hello Filipe,
Congratulations! One of your projects was just featured on and will appear on its front page. We developed our network of category-specific Served sites to further showcase the best projects on the Behance Network, offering your work even more exposure.

Our editorial team features only a small number of projects every day. With many thousands to choose from, we look for work that promotes new thinking in its industry.

Congrats, and thanks for being involved in the Behance Network.

Oscar Ramos Orozco
Chief Curator /// Behance LLC
532 Broadway, New York, NY

I can only say i’m very proud and congratulate the whole team!

Make Up Forever Photoshoot

At the end of last month i shot the first of several make up shoots in collaboration with the international brand Make Up Forever.

I headed to one of their portuguese offices in Oporto and photographed the work of one of their students, M√°rcia Almeida. Using a two Profoto heads attached to a Profoto Pro-7s. One with a white beauty dish, in front of the model, and another one just to light the background, as i wanted a nice clean white background.

Check the rest of the photos here!

Lady of the manor

A new editorial i shot for BLESS magazine just got out. Named “Lady of the manor” it depicts a young woman living in a house full of wonders and random nonsense.

It was shot in an old house, fully decorated in a vintage style, in the typical neighborhood of Gra√ßa, in Lisbon. We wanted to give a vintage meets fashion meets Alice in wonderland feel to it and also disrupt the “innocent little girl” look commonly used in that kind of imaginary, so we introduced Gabriela, a model using her hair shaved, some tattoos and a piercing.All the editorial was shot with one Profoto head with a 5 foot octa attached to a Profoto Pro7-s to obtain a soft light¬†on the model.
Many thanks to Photographicas for lending the lighting equipment.

Photography by Filipe Serralheiro // Styling by Luis Martins // Make up by Alex Me // Model, Gabriela Vilarinho

Check out more photos here!

Fashion Awards Portugal 2011

Yesterday was the official anouncements and award ceremony for Portugal‘s 2011 Fashion Awards.

The awarded categories were new talent, accessories design, national and international brands, male and female models, new face model,  photographer, editorial producer, makeup artist, hair stylist, store design, press communication, digital communication and, finally, Fashion TV special awards.

And the winners were:


Designer РNuno Baltazar

Ph.: Daily ModaLisboa

New Talent  РOs Burgueses


Accessories Design РLuís Onofre


National Brand РLanidor


International Brand РLacoste

Female Model РSara Sampaio

Ph.: Milan Vukmirovic

Male Model РJonathan and Kevin

Ph.: Best Models

New Face Model РMargarita Pugovka

Ph.: Mário Príncipe

Best Photographer РMário Príncipe


Editorial Producer РPaulo Gomes

Makeup Artist РAntónia Rosa

Ph.: Frederico Martins

Hair Stylist РHelena Vaz Pereira

Eureka Lisboa

Store Design РEureka Lisboa

Anabela Becho

Press Communication РAnabela Becho

Digital Communication РO Alfaiate Lisboeta

New fashion & design magazine

Since last month we’ve had a brand new fashion and design dedicated magazine,¬†BLESS¬†magazine.

Photography by Filipe Serralheiro // Styling by Luis Martins // Production Assistant, Catarina Jacquet // Models, Marco Dagge and David Dagge // Thank you, Photographicas and Espaco-B

Based in Portugal but aiming worlwide this new project features all the late news from the fashion industriy, as well as editorials and photoshoots from professionals around the globe, exclusive for BLESS.

Filipe Serralheiro shot one of the first fashion editorials for the project, featuring a couple of twins premiere in the fashion industry. This one was shot in his super-small apartment, using only two Canon  Speedlite ( 430EX II and 580EX II ) and one small Photoflex umbrella.

Check it out here!