Protesters gather on day of State’s budget decision

On the second day of deliberation and approval of the state’s budget, about 200 people gathered in front of the Portuguese parliament to protest the measures approved. Some members of CGTP union gave speeches at the rally. Lisbon. 11th November 2011

Once again portuguese people protest against the cutbacks proposed by the government, about 200 people joined those still occupying the spot in front of the parliament, made signs and expressed theyr feeling towards the measures taken to contain the debt crisis felt in portugal.

At about 17pm CGTP, a national workers union, marched towards the parliament and prepared speeches in front of the crowd of protesters. They then voted against the policies aproved by the government, including the supression of 4 national holidays. 11th November 2011

See more photos of the event HERE!

The “indignados” manifest, as lived in Lisbon!

This post regards a recent event (but not so recent that can be considered news), the manifest that took place in many cities around the world on the past 15th October.

This  video depicts the moments lived in the manifest in Lisbon, Portugal,  that day.

The Portuguese people, being a complacent and peaceful people, would hardly engage in riots and destruction, we have all the proof of that looking backwards to all the manifest done since the revolution of the 25th of April 1974.

And even that revolution, a military one, was mainly peaceful and got known by the name “Revolução dos cravos” ( Carnation‘s Revolution) because the soldiers used the flowers in they’re guns and tanks instead of bullets, ( they displayed them on the gun’s barrels, not actually shooting them 😛 )

That’s why this last manifest was important. No, there was no violence or riots or such. But the tensions got exceptionally high, regarding the Portuguese people, and somewhere along the way the manifesting people broke the police line and invaded the Parliament’s stairs. In fact, the police had to call the Riot control squad, wich is not ver usual. (Please notice how nice, shiny and new they’re equipment is on the photos).

Hope you like the photo report, shot by Filipe Serralheiro for FS | imaging.   –   Here!